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No Guns Life Anime Fully Loaded for October 10 Premiere

no guns life

If you’re eagerly anticipating the TV anime adaptation of Tasuku Karasuma’s No Guns Life manga—AKA the series about the detective with the giant gun head—we’re now officially less than a month away from its debut. According to the website‘s latest update, the series is set to premiere in Japan on October 10.

There’s a new CM to go along with the announcement, which also showcases the opening theme, “MOTOR CITY,” by Kenichi Asai.

Naoyuki Ito (Overlord) directs the adaptation, with Yukie Sugawara (Kino’s Journey – The Beautiful World – The Animated Series) on series composition for the Madhouse production.

Viz publishes the manga in English and sums it up:

When a fellow Extended showed up in Inui’s office—on the run from the Security Bureau with a kidnapped child in tow and asking for help—Inui almost throws the guy out. But Inui’s loyalty to a brother Extended makes him take the job. Keeping the child safe won’t be easy, since everyone wants him, from the mob to the megacorporation Berühren, which sends out a special agent who knows exactly how to deal with the Extended…