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Nintendo President Clarifies Company’s Stance on Regulating Content


Content regulation has been a hot topic with games lately, especially when it comes to localizing certain titles from Japan. Sony has often proven to be the strictest of the bunch, and many of the titles that end up censored on PS4 in the west show up on Nintendo Switch surprisingly unscathed. To shed more light on its policy, Nintendo president and CEO Shuntaro Furukawa responded to a related question in a recent Q&A session.

The question cited concerns around depictions of entertainment, and how some platforms require both age ratings from third parties like CERO and ESRB, as well as adherence to their own unique regulations. They then asked Nintendo how the company tackles this issue on its platforms.

Here’s what Furukawa said:

For games that release on our company’s consoles, assuming they acquire the rating from said third party organizations, we like to have our customers understand about software content and target age through objective information. As a company that manages platforms, if we were to arbitrarily decide which software gets released and which doesn’t, I believe it would be an impediment to video game diversity and fairness.

Again, our company’s game consoles have functions that allow guardians to add user restrictions, so guardians can set passwords to ‘Not display content that may be harmful to children’

Hopefully Nintendo keeps it up, because it’s certainly making Switch look like a more open platform for all types of content.

Via Siliconera