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Original One Piece Anime Theme Performer Returns for New OP

Anyone who has followed the One Piece anime adaptation will remember the classic “We Are!” theme song, which served as the opening from episode 1 through 47. Hiroshi Kitadani was responsible for that as well as the 15th OP “We Go!” and 19th OP “We Can!” (with Kishidan), and now he’s coming back yet again to perform the anime’s newest theme song.

The new song, “OVER THE TOP,” has Kitadani teaming up again with lyrics writer Seiko Fujibayashi, composer Kohei Tanaka, and arranger Takayuki Negishi, who all worked together on “We Are!” and “We Go!” The theme begins with episode 892, which airs in Japan on July 7 and kicks off the hotly-anticipated Wano Kuni Saga.

Source: Official website via Crunchyroll