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New Trailer Debuts for Violet Evergarden Scribe’s The House of the Lost on the Cape

The House of the Lost on the Cape will hit Japanese theaters a week from today, on August 27. The movie is based on the novel Misaki no Mayoiga by Sachiko Kashiwaba and received its screenplay from Reiko Yoshida of Violet Evergarden and Liz and the Blue Bird. A new trailer for The House of the Lost on the Cape has been released that tell us more about the cast.

Sally Amaki plays the house spirit Zashiki-warashi, while Mikio Date and Takeshi Tomizawa from the Sandwich Man comedy duo are playing Kappa of Toyosawagawa and Kappa of Kitakamigawa, respectively. Shōhei Uno plays Kappa of Mabechigawa. The movie has a clear folkloric influence, as seen by the many kappa.

The movie had previously revealed that Mana Ashida had been cast as protagonist Yui, and that the governor of Iwate prefecture, Takuya Tasso, is playing another kappa. It takes place in the Iwate prefecture, and it’s part of project trying to bring more tourism to the area. That’s why the prefecture’s governor is doubling as a voice actor for this project. The same project is also trying to get more tourism in Miyagi and Fukushima. Previously announced cast members are Shinobu Ōtake playing Kiwa and Awano Sari playing Hiyori.

The movie follows 17-year-old Yui, who is searching for meaning. It’s being directed by Shinya Kawatsura of Non Non Biyori over at david production. Music composition has been tasked to Yuri Miyauchi, and the theme song “Mayoiga” is being performed by hitsujibungaku. Credits for character design go to Kamogawa.

The novel it’s based on came out six years ago and received the 2016 Noma Award for Juvenile Fiction. Author Sachiko Kashiwaba’s book Chikashitru Kara no Fushigi na Tabi ( translated as Strange Journey From The Basement) was the inspiration for the anime movie The Wonderland.

Source: ANN


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