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New Stills Emerge From Death Note 2016

Okay, let’s get things straight from the beginning: there are currently two live-action Death Note films in various stages of production: the Netflix-produced American version and the Japanese Death Note Light up the NEW world, due out in theaters October 29.

It’s the latter of these two films that’s in the news today, and that’s because a couple of new stills from the film have been released.

On the left is Masahiro Higashide who plays Tsukuru Mishima, a “Death Note otaku” pursuing the Death Notes (remember, in this film there are six of ‘em!). On the right is Sosuke Ikematsu as Ryuzaki, the film’s successor to L and a famous detective in his own right.

Looks like these characters are not exactly best buds.

Despite its extremely awkward title, Light up the NEW world has a few things that have our hopes up. For one, it’s directed by Shinsuke Sato, fresh off the awesome I Am a Hero live-action film. It’s also got a story specifically written for film, so there are no worries about being too faithful to the source material.

It’s still a while to October 29, but until then, if you move your eyes between these two new stills really fast, it’s almost like a movie! Almost.

Source: ANN

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