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New Pompo: The Cinéphile Trailer Lets Us Hear Insert Songs

Pompo: The Cinephile Anime Film Land Teaser, March 19 Release

Pompo: The Cinéphile has had its release date bumped a couple of times, but right now it’s slated to come out in Japanese theaters on June 4. A new trailer for it has been released, and it lets us listen in on two of the movie’s insert songs.

The first song, called “Hangyakusha no Bokura” (translated as “We the Rebels”) is from singer EMA from DUSTCELL. The other song is “Tatoeba” (translated as “For Example”) by Kaf, who is a virtual singer.

It was also announced that Ryūichi Kijima has been cast as Alan Gardner, a character who works at Nyallywood Bank. This character was not in the original manga.

Source: ANN

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