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Station Idol Latch Franchise Makes Handsome Idols into Train Station Workers

Train stations can be a site for tourism in Japan, and the Station Idol Latch! franchise is here to up that tourism. AOI Pro., Amuse, and Origamix Partners are behind the franchise, with the East Japan Railway Company supervising. Their plan is to create fictional idols who work at each of the train stations in the train line that travels around central Tokyo, and the franchise will include manga, anime, games, music and a weekly voice drama. All of the idols are portrayed as handsome young men.

A video has been released to give you an idea.

The voice drama begins on YouTube on June 3. Some of the voice actors have also been revealed: Kensho Ono plays Rion Shōji (Tokyo Station), Atsushi Tamaru plays Yuki Shindō (Shinjuku Station), Nobunaga Shimazaki plays Mikado Aobazuku (Ikebukuro Station), Tetsuei Sumiya plays Rui Utsusemi (Ōtsuka Station), Masahiro Itou plays Miharu Suwa (Nishi-Nippori Station), and Ryōta Aoyama plays Yūya Taketsune (Takadanobaba Station).

Source: ANN


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