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New Garo Anime Teased

The live-action superhero series Garo has had a major (likely pachinko-fueled) revival in the last few years. Garo’s a Makai Knight, a Kamen Rider-like superhero. The show borrows the structure of a kids’ hero show, but the contents are a little darker, the hero not exactly brooding but definitely not an easygoing guy. Monster-killing is literally one’s job in this world, and he is a professional.

With two new TV seasons and various movies and specials just in the last few years, a lot of Garo work is getting made.. and now Garo’s moving into animation with the new series Honoo no Kokuin (Seal of Flames).

A new trailer was shown at a recent Garo event, showing the new bearer of the Garo armor. Perhaps it’s stylistic, but he looks like a teen, much younger than the grown 20-something men of the live-action series. The next scenes show a Makai Knight armor that doesn’t appear to be the golden wolf Garo, looking to have rescued and swaddled a child from flames. A mystery has been established: clearly that was the goal.

Yasuko Kobayashi writes: she’s had a long career writing tokusatsu TV shows, including an episode of Garo. Animator Yuichiro Hayashi gets his first shot at the director’s seat, and Mappa animates. This could be interesting.

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