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New Evangelion Watches Are Smart, Sort Of

Okay, so they aren’t exactly Apple Watch-level smart.

But for fans of Evangelion, which turned 20 this year, two new Eva-branded watches from Epson might be just the thing.

They’re a part of Epson’s “smart canvas” brand of wristwatches, which also includes Star Wars, Rilakkuma, Moomin and Peanuts-branded watches.

The Evangelion versions, which come in Nerv and Kaworu types, have several different watch faces which cycle throughout the day thanks to the power of e-ink (think Kindle or Pebble watches).

The Nerv watch includes six modes: active time, Angel, Eva unit, electric tower, synchro, and desktop, which displays the temperature as well as time.

The Kaworu watch includes the following modes: Kaworu, moon, piano, hexagon, DSS choker, and desktop.

According to Epson, both watches also have special images that only appear during certain days.

What’s the damage on these semi-smart Evangelion watches? ¥25,000, which is currently about $205. Additional wristbands go for another ¥4,500, or about $38. As is sadly often the case with these kinds of products, they’re only available in Japan, though we imagine they’ll be stocked at the usual online import shops.

Seems like for $200 you could get your hands on an actual smart watch, but it wouldn’t have Kaworu’s kind-but-mysterious face on it, would it?

Source: Rocket News