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New Card Game Is All About Telling BL Stories (With Lots of Blushing)

There are boys’ love anime, manga, light novels, and now there’s a special BL card game that takes you through your own “choose your own adventure” storyline in a school setting.

According to SoraNews24, it’s called “Minna de Making! BL,” which translates as “Making a Boys Love Story with Everyone.” You have 14 character cards — eleven students, one teacher, and two blank cards for you to create your own personalities if you want. The dice tells you what sort of situation your seme and uke will be in (examples: unrequited love, childhood friend, and master/servant), and you draw cards to continue the story.

There are about one hundred cards in the BL card game, and they say things like “I know your secret!” or the common BL line, “Your face is red!”

Ending cards finish the game, and you have the possibility of drawing an ending where things go well, things go badly, or they just decide to be friends (which might also count as ending badly).

Source: SoraNews24


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