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Celebrate National Coffee Day at These Anime Cafés

We'd happily get our coffee at these anime cafés

Wherever you are in the world, Coffee Day is sometime this week! The official international holiday is October 1, but the United States and a few other countries celebrate earlier every year on September 29. That means lots of your favorite cafés may be giving away free brews. Or, if nothing else, you have an excuse to warm up with a cup.

If we had our choice, we’d be going to one of our favorite cafés from the world of anime — Café Stile from Blend S, for example, or the Asakura family shop from Touch. We think these three in particular would be a great place to stop in — what about you?


Café Cat’s Eye

Umibozu at Cat's Eye

The coffee shop so nice, it shows up twice! The fictional Café Cat’s Eye is a mainstay in the works of Tsukasa Hojo — specifically Cat’s Eye (of course) and City Hunter. The café serves as a base of operations for the Kisugi sisters: shop owners by day, art thieves by night. By City Hunter, Ryo’s friend Umibozu is running things behind the counter. Losing his eyesight hasn’t stopped this skilled sweeper from assisting his old friend and pouring a mean cup of joe.

The two worlds collide in 2019’s City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes. The Kisugis come back to give Ryo and Kaori a hand, and to check on their pride and joy. Naturally, they see the shop is in excellent hands.


Rabbit House Café

Chino at Rabbit House

Contrary to popular (read: Cocoa’s) belief, Rabbit House is not a place where you can go and pet rabbits all day. It is, however, a place where you can go for some great coffee. And to pet one specific rabbit. If he lets you.

The many cafés of Is the Order a Rabbit? all have rabbit-themed naming, and their proprietors have coffee (and other hot drink) names. Chino Kafu (“cappuccino” in surname first order), for example, and our protagonist named after hot cocoa. The soft and fluffy series has been around in manga form for ten years, and released an anniversary series not long ago.


Café Poirot

Poirot in Case Closed

Need a mystery solved and a dose of caffeine? Stop by Café Poirot, the coffee shop from Detective Conan (known as Case Closed in the U.S.). The café sits below the Mouri Detective Agency, and is staffed by Mouri’s apprentice, Rei Furuya. (Rei has a bunch of other names, and at least one of them is another Gundam reference.)

The popularity of Detective Conan means plenty of opportunities for collab cafés across Japan. There have been several real-world Café Poirot events. You can even buy “real” Poirot coffee in individual servings to make at home!

Where will you be getting your coffee this week?

Kara Dennison

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