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Nagoya Anime Road Plans Hampered by Lack of Nagoya Anime

Nagoya Anime Road Plans Hampered by Lack of Nagoya AnimeAh, Nagoya. Found between Tokyo and Osaka, it’s one of Japan’s major cities, but it just doesn’t have the same reputation for fun and culture as those other places. In fact, a few years ago, it was rated as the most boring city in Japan. Ouch.

As part of the efforts to drive more tourism, Nagoya is planning to create an “Anime Road,” where folks can do anime-related shopping, cosplay and the like. The idea is to build the road on the west side of Nagoya Station, where there are already many animation schools and shops.

There’s just one problem: in this day and age, people like to visit spots that have been featured in anime on so-called “anime pilgrimages.” But according to fans, there’s no series or film really associated with Nagoya.

In short: Nagoya is considered boring, so no one sets their anime series there, so Nagoya can’t build Anime Road, so it continues to be considered boring. Ouch again.

Now, a few folks on social media doth protest, citing series like Usagi Drop, The Perfect Insider and Geobreeders (that’s a title I’ve not heard in a long time!). Hopefully the folks over in Nagoya can figure it out and give anime fans more reason to visit.

Source: Kyodo

Matt Schley

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