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My Hero Academia Cast Promotes Avengers: Infinity War

avengersAvengers: Infinity War opens in Japan on April 27, and what better anime is there to collaborate with than My Hero Academia? Bones’ adaptation of Kohei Horikoshi’s hit Jump manga is getting in on the action with a series of collaboration promos and a new visual by the anime’s character designer, Yoshihiko Umakoshi.

First up, here’s the visual side by side with the Infinity War poster:

Now for the videos, starting with the “A Longing for Heroes” collaboration movie:

Deku’s introduction of Captain America:

Bakugo’s introduction of Iron Man:

Ochako’s introduction of Black Widow:

Iida’s introduction of Doctor Strange:

Todoroki’s introduction of Thor:

All Might’s introduction of Hulk:


Source: Collaboration site via Crunchyroll