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My Hero Academia Anime’s Main Staff Listed

Following up on the recent confirmation and official site launch for the My Hero Academia anime, which adapts the manga by Kohei Horikoshi, the main staff has been revealed. We already know anime studio BONES (Fullmetal Alchemist, Blood Blockade Battlefront) will be producing the series, but now we have info on the core creative team behind it.

My Hero Academia will be directed by Kenji Nagasaki (Gundam Build Fighters, Classroom Crisis), with Yousuke Kuroda (Trigun, Honey and Clover) overseeing scripts and Yoshihiko Umakoshi (Heartcatch Precure!, Air Master) handling the anime’s character designs. 

The voice actor for protagonist Izuku Midoriya will appear at this year’s Jump Festa in Chiba on December 19 and 20. 

Via Anime News Network