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More Info on the Live-action Akira Film

Oh boy, here we go. As some of you may be aware, Warner Bros. live-action American take on Akira will be helmed by the Hughes Brothers, who previously directed From Hell, and most recently The Book of Eli. However, according to one half of the pair, Albert Hughes, they might not be returning for the second film.

On top of that, he stated that Warner Bros. is definitely looking for a PG-13 film with Akira, and they’ll be working to “simplify” the plot for the audience.

While I may not have had high hopes for this live-action rendition in the past, none of this does much to raise them. I’m not sure which detail I find more disconcerting: the rating (which, frankly, could be overcome with a tight script and solid production), the simplification of a plot that tends to be deemed more confusing than it really is, or the fact the Bros. won’t be staying on for part two.

That last bit may be the most sour piece of info, because I can’t imagine shooting the first part of Akira and not wanting to see the continuation through. After all, as the source article points out, it’s not exactly a “sequel” in the traditional sense.

All of this is just speculation right now. Even if Akira ends up being the mega disaster many are already claiming it to be, it should be interesting to watch it all unfold. So, what do YOU think about this information? Are you cautiously optimistic, or have you already entered doomsayer mode?

Source [Comic Book Movie]