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Miyazaki’s Spirited Away Anime Film Debuts at #1 in China

Earlier this month we posted about the then-upcoming Chinese premiere of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away anime film, which took a whopping 18 years to make its way to theaters in the country. Well, the film’s debut finally happened on June 21, and it came away with a weekend total of 195 million yuan, which adds up to about ¥3 billion or US$28.36 million.

That was enough to put Spirited Away in the #1 spot, topping the brand new Toy Story 4, which only managed the equivalent of around US$13.2 million. It also topped December 2018’s Chinese screening of My Neighbor Totoro, which earned 173 million yuan and became the second highest-grossing Japanese film in China for that year.

Source: Variety via Anime News Network