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Misato-Themed Drink at Evangelion Cafe Causes Laughs

Misato-Themed Drink at Evangelion Cafe Causes LaughsSo, as y’all are well aware, the fourth and final film in the Evangelion reboot series hit Japanese theaters last week. Along with the film came the usual deluge of merchandise and promotions, including a “collaboration cafe” at Cure Maid Cafe in Akihabara.

The menu is full of Eva-themed eats, sweets and drinks—and one in particular is earning some giggles on social media.

The Eva pilots, see, all have their own fancy cocktails meant to evoke their personalities—or at least the color of their Evas. Asuka’s drink, for example, is a striking red-orange monster made with grenadine syrup with orange and cranberry juice.

Then there’s Misato’s drink. Instead of a cocktail, it’s just a can of Ebisu beer with a few corn chips and some nuts.

Here’s how Twitter user @yaminado_ob reacted:

Wait, wait.. LOL… look at Misato’s drink at the Eva cafe… LOL… is this a joke? LOL it totally makes sense though

Yeah, it kinda does! Misato has an entire fridge devoted to the stuff, after all.

I know what drink I’m going for if I manage to make it over to that cafe! The Eva collaboration goes from March 19 to April 11.

Source: Otakomu

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