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Maryland Man Gets Guinness World Record For Cardcaptor Sakura Collection

Do you have a favorite anime and/or manga where you collect everything you can about it? Matthew Emblidge of Columbia, Maryland loves Cardcaptor Sakura, and he’s received the Guinness World Record for “largest collection of Cardcaptor Sakura memorabilia.”

How many items get you the world record? Well, for Emblidge, it’s 4,873 pieces of Cardcaptor Sakura memorabilia.

Before he won, the Guinness World Record in the category went to Sofia Pichihua, and she had 1,086 items. She has already congratulated Emblidge on his official Guinness World Record page.

How big is your collection? Do you think you might be able to break any records?

Source: Anime News Network, Guinness World Record


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