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How to Make the Perfect Cosplay with a Simple H&M Purchase 


You don’t always have to break the bank to get in on some cosplay fun. In fact, with around 25 bucks you could be on your way to dressing up as a truly iconic anime character. As pointed out on Twitter, this can be done with something as simple as a relatively inexpensive top and high-waist shorts pairing that was recently featured in an ad for clothing retailer H&M.

So, what will this simple purchase let you dress up as? Fans of the Mobile Suit Gundam Wing anime probably knew the answer as soon as they saw the photo. It’s Heero Yuy!

Twitter user @zz_acerola_BC did the heavy lifting for everyone:

The high-waist shorts are available through H&M’s U.S. store, but it looks like that specific tank top is currently only available to order through H&M Japan. Even an import order will bring your total well under that of your average cosplay, though!

Via SoraNews24