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Louis Vuitton and Others Are Getting Into Anime Fashion

fashion anime moschino louis vuitton sandy liangWe know that anime fashion exists in Japan, but now Western designers are paying more attention to how Japanese sequential art can inspire their creations.

Town & Country Magazine caught up with a few people involved in this latest fashion trend.

“I studied Japanese growing up and ended up living in Tokyo for a summer when I was 16,” said Jeremy Scott about the Rose of Versailles influence in his 2020 Moschino show. “Reading manga was one of the ways I worked on my language skills, so naturally anime is a source of artistic inspiration for me.”

Otaku and artist Reggieknow has also been tapped by Louis Vuitton for his anime knowledge, and in the past the company’s Nicolas Ghesquière has used similar inspiration for spins on anime fashion.

“The future is bright for manga,” enthused Nicole Coolidge Rousmaniere, who set up a giant manga exhibit at the British Museum. “If manga weren’t there, fashion would have had to invent it.”

Source: Town & Country Magazine



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