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Professional Esports Player Bischu Shares His Anime Favorites


It turns out that LA Gladiators pro Overwatch esports player Bischu is not only a fan of gaming, but also of anime. He was interviewed by Anime News Network about his entrance into anime and his favorites.

Bischu explained that anime has always been around in his life, and his dad’s job sent him to Japan a lot, so father would give son anime goods.

Asked about his favorite anime, Bischu exclaimed, “I can’t give you one answer!” With some difficulty, he gave these three as his top favorites: Hunter x Hunter, Ping Pong, and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

He gave his favorite anime hero as Gon from Hunter x Hunter, and said Hisoka from the same show is his favorite anime villain.

“He does whatever the heck he wants,” Bischu said about Hisoka. “His motives are pretty simple in a way. . . . He obviously has the ability and strength to back it up.”

As a fan, Bischu enjoys this chance to geek out. “I was happy to talk about anime!”

Source: Anime News Network


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