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“Large-Scale HD Title” in the Works at Square Enix

“Large-Scale HD Title” in the Works at Square EnixOkay, so we don’t exactly know Square Enix, the folks behind Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, for small-scale projects. Still, this is some interesting news.

Square Enix has announced the development of a “large-scale HD title” as a “new challenge” for the company. It’ll be produced by a new division called, well, 3rd Development Division.

That division is made up of the company’s former Business Division 5, also known as the part of the company that cooked up Final Fantasy XIV. Like Business Division 5, the new division is run by Naoki Yoshida, who was brought on to fix FFXIV after its poor initial reception.

According to a statement by Yoshida on Square Enix’s website, the project is already in production, and has now entered its “principle large-scale development phase.” Yoshida also said he plans the project to be “entertaining,” “fun” and “surprising.”

Here’s looking forward to it!

Source: ANN, Square Enix