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Kodansha Launches Pay-What-You-Want Humble Manga Bundle

Want a bucket of digital manga? Want to support charity? Kodansha Comics has you covered.

You may have heard of the Humble Bundle, the pay-what-you-want service that packages (“bundles,” if you will) digital games, books and apps to help support various charities. Kodansha, the English publishers of manga like Attack on Titan and Ajin, have decided to get in on the bundling game, and their offer is preeeeetty sweet.

For any amount, you’ll get DRM-free, digital copies of the first volumes of Titan, Parasyte, Inuyashiki, Vinland Saga and Space Brothers. Pay over the average donation (currently sitting at $9.92) to unlock more volumes of the above titles, plus Ajin and Arslan.

Throw in $17 or more for more Titan and Ajin, plus Knights of Sidonia, The 7 Deadly Sins and Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.

That’s a decent amount of manga! And for a good cause! Kodansha’s humble bundle lasts for the next 12 days, so get donating.

Source: Daryl Surat

Matt Schley

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