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Studio Bones Plans One Original Series, One Film In 2017

Every year, anime studio Ufotable puts on an event called Machi Asobi in its second home, Tokushima, where fans from around the city come out and participate in anime funtimes.

Anime studio Bones was on hand to give a kind of state of the studio in a talk event hosted by studio president Masahiko Minami, who let the crowd in on what to expect from Bones in the near future.

Bones, the animators behind works like Fullmetal Alchemist and Gosick, plan to do one original series and one film in 2017, said Minami.

Some fans at the event speculated that the film would be a theatrical version of Blood Blockade Battlefront, the 2015 hit animated by Bones.

Speaking more generally about the studio’s philosophy, Minami remarked that when asked to provide animation support by other studios, his policy is, “if it’s something Bones is good at, let’s do it.”

Another interesting Bones tidbit: when making an adaptation, the job of producer goes to the person who liked the original manga the best. That person, the thought process goes, will feel the greatest sense of responsibility for maintaining quality.

Finally, in studio president Minami’s mind, Bones is first and foremost a robot anime studio.

Always interesting to get these behind-the-scenes tidbits. If you want my opinion, Bones, it’s time for more Space Dandy!

Source: Yaraon

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