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In the Kingdom Hearts Hotel Room, Keyblades Open Your Door

kingdom heartsThe Disney Ambassador Hotel at Tokyo Disney Resort is getting something very special this year. Something so special, in fact, that it takes an actual Keyblade to access it. Okay, maybe not an actual Keyblade, but small-scale replicas are on hand for anyone who feels like staying in a Kingdom Hearts-themed hotel room in 2019.

The hotel’s KH rooms are set to be open for business this March, but reservations kick off on January 30. The rooms will be available until June 23, and they’ll run you at least ¥46,100 (around $424) a night.

Here’s a quick peek at the rooms, as well as the very awesome key.

Those who stay in one of the rooms will get to keep their Keyblades and some postcards. Does that sound like it’s worth the price of entry to you?

Source: Fashion Press via Kotaku