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Kill la Kill Undies, Attack on Titan perfume

You’re not satisfied just watching anime, you say? Reading manga not satisfying your desire? What? You want to wear anime? Actually, we can help you with that.

Rather, Japanese fashioner Haco can. They’re offering up some Kill la Kill undergarments, including a tank top and underwear for both men and women. Progressive! Haco have previously also sold Kill la Kill tights, necklaces and stick-on nails.

Wait, that’s not enough? What could possibly satisfy you? How about… smelling like anime?

Okay, we’ve got the fix on that too. Cafe Reo, a game and anime goods creator, is bringing out some Attack on Titan cologne. You can choose from seven different scents, including Armin, Mikasa, Levi and others. Let’s assume these colognes are based on what the characters smell like after a nice bath, not post-Titan battle.

Wearing anime, smelling like anime… there’s only one thing we can think of that would make you an even more hardcore otaku. But you’ll have to click over here to find out what that is. Ha ha ha.

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Matt Schley

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