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Kaiju Girls Black Anime Film Attacks in New Trailer

kaiju girls blackThe Kaiju Girls Black anime series kicked off with a first season that ran for 12 episodes back in 2016, with the second following in January 2018. Now Tsuburaya Productions’ YouTube channel is here to promote the upcoming anime film version, Kaiju Girls Black ~Ultra Kaiju Gijinka Keikaku, which is set for a limited run in select Japanese theaters starting on November 23.

Those who pick up advance tickets, which go on sale at theaters on September 29, will get the “Honseisou Koushinkyoku” theme song CD, performed by Hiyori Nitta (Black Directive), Yuki Yagi (Alien Pegassa), Minami Takahashi (Silver Bloome), and Kaori Ishihara (Nova).

New full promo:


kaiju girls black

Via Crunchyroll