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Kabukibu! Complete Collection Brings a Timeless Art to Anime

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When you see something lacking in your life, it often comes down to you to make a change yourself. That’s exactly what Kurogo Kurusu does for the sake of the stunning performance art known as Kabuki in the Kabukibu! anime, which is coming to Blu-ray in a Complete Collection on June 5.


Kurogo Kurusu’s main frustration stems from the lack of Kabuki appreciation among his fellow Japanese students. Thanks to the overall disinterest, there’s no Kabuki club to be found in school, and that’s something Kurusu aims to change on his own. Hey, if there’s room for a drama club, there’s definitely room for something as timeless as Kabuki!

Thus, he decides to form his own Kabuki club, which is no small feat. He has to get a faculty sponsor on board—even if they know nothing about the art itself—and recruit enough students to fill up the club. That recruitment may even end up breaking some of the stricter rules, like allowing girls to participate, but it’s all in the name of love for the art.


Based on the light novel series written by Yūri Eda and illustrated by Ishinoya, the Kabukibu! anime was directed by Kazuhiro Yoneda (Yona of the Dawn, Hozuki’s Coolheadedness), with Yoshiko Nakamura (Super Lovers, Shōnen Maid) on series composition and the inimitable CLAMP on designs for the Studio DEEN production. Sentai Filmworks’ Complete Collection packs in all 12 episodes and the OVA. By the time this journey is over, you’ll be head over heels for Kabuki, too!

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