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JUJUTSU KAISEN Stage Play Announces 2nd Show for Winter

jujutsu kaisen stage play

July 2022 marked the opening of the first JUJUTSU KAISEN stage play, and now a second is on the horizon. The official JUJUTSU KAISEN The Stage website announced that the second show is planned for Tokyo and Hyogo from December 2023 to January 2024, following the manga’s Kyoto Goodwill Event and The Origin of Blind Obedience storylines. 

Writer Kohei Kiyasu and director Kensaku Kobayashi are back to handle their respective duties. The main cast includes Ryuji Sato as Yuji Itadori, Kazuaki Yasue as Megumi Fushiguro, Nonoka Yamaguchi as Nobara Kugisaki, Sara Takatsuki as Maki Zen’in, Fuuma Sadamoto as Toge Inumai, Takeshi Terayama as Panda, Yoshihiro Minami as Masamichi Yaga and Ryosuke Miura as Satoru Gojo. 

Check out the full teaser visual:

Digest clip from the first stage show:

VIZ Media publishes the JUJUTSU KAISEN manga in English and Crunchyroll streams the anime, with the former describing the series like so:

Although Yuji Itadori looks like your average teenager, his immense physical strength is something to behold! Every sports club wants him to join, but Itadori would rather hang out with the school outcasts in the Occult Research Club. One day, the club manages to get their hands on a sealed cursed object. Little do they know the terror they’ll unleash when they break the seal…

Via Crunchyroll News