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JUJUTSU KAISEN Anime Reveals Plans for JujuFes 2021 Event

jujufes 2021

This past weekend kicked off with the big reveal of plans for the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie, which is currently set for a winter premiere. While fans wait for that to hit the big screen, Gege Akutami’s series has a celebration in store for June 13, which is when JujuFes 2021 is set to be held at Saitama’s Kawaguchi Comprehensive Cultural Center.

In addition to in-person attendance for those who win a ticket lottery by purchasing the first Blu-ray volume of the JUJUTSU KAISEN anime, JujuFes 2021 will be available to watch online as it happens via live stream. It’s not going to be free, but folks who apply for the in-person tickets will also get a discounted rate for the stream.

Other than that, all we have to go on is the cool visual above, so stay tuned for more information and look for potential announcements as they happen at the event this June.

Via @animejujutsu