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Japanese Women Wish Their Spouses Dead With “Husband Death Note”

American school children have been crafting Death Note-inspired books of ill will towards their peers for years, but recently fully-grown Japanese women have joined in the festivities.

A Japanese website called Danna Shine (or “Die Husband” in English) allows women to anonymously post how and why they wish their spouses would bite the dust. The site has received so many submissions that the creators partnered with publisher Takarajima to print them as a physical book called Danna Death-note (a.k.a. “Husband Death-note”).

Some choice quotes:

“I can’t forgive my husband’s domestic violence or immoral behavior.”

“I’m planning on suing you and the woman you’re having an affair with for financial reparations, so get your asses to work and make some money, you stupid chimps.”

“You have no technique in bed, You’re worse at sex than an elementary school kid.”

“Sell your kidney so we can finally get out of the financial debt that’s loomed over us ever since we got married.”

“You’re nothing more than an ATM to me, you piece of ****.”

“When I wake up in the morning, I hope to find your body cold and lifeless.”
“Come home as a corpse!”

“You’re still alive? Please, stop beating immediately, heart of my husband.”

The publisher says they hope the book will allow frustrated wives to vent their frustrations and make their daily lives a bit more bearable. Others might say that if they feel that strongly, they really should turn their energies towards a therapist, divorce attorney, or the police.

On the plus side, Danna Death-note is cheaper than an attorney, at 1,188 yen ($10 USD). You can buy it from from Amazon Japan here.

Source: SoraNews