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Japanese Fans Rank Shonen Jump’s Sexiest Male Villains

We’ve probably never uttered “Shonen Jump” and “sexy” in the same sentence (the manga magazine is ostensibly for children, after all), but that didn’t stop ranking site Goo from asking its readers: in the long history of Shonen Jump, who have been the sexiest villains?

Strap yourself in for some sexiness as we review the list!

18 (tie). Enrico Pucci
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

18 (tie). Evil Gemini Saga
Saint Seiya

18 (tie). Byakuran

16 (tie). Funny Valentine
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

16 (tie). Xanxus

15. Younger Toguro
YuYu Hakusho

14. Crocodile
One Piece

13. Chrollo Lucilfer
Hunter x Hunter

11 (tie). Kars
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

11 (tie). Sosuke Aizen



10. Shinobu Sensui
YuYu Hakusho



9. Souther
Fist of the North Star



8. Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez



7. Mukuro Rokudo



6. Makoto Shishio
Rurouni Kenshin



5. Shinsuke Takasugi



4. Raoh
Fist of the North Star



3. Light Yamagi
Death Note



2. Hisoka Morow
Hunter x Hunter



1. Dio Brando
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

If I’ve learned one thing from this list, it’s that for Shonen Jump readers, sexy means scars, bandages, different-colored eyes and rippling muscles.

Cosplayers, take note.

Who’s your favorite sexy villain?

Source: Goo

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