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Japanese Chain Restaurant Offers Attack on Titan Meals

Until March 21, Japanese fans will be treated to special Attack on Titan meals at the restaurant chain Dohtonbori Okonomiyaki. It’s part of the celebration and rollout of the final season.

Okonomiyaki is a type of pancake that includes cabbage in it. The Attack on Titan meals are themed to characters, with Levi’s meals being either chicken okonomiyaki or sweet black tea pancake, while Eren’s meal is a hamburger and cheese okonomiyaki. Mikasa gets a strip of bacon on her meal (meant to be symbolic for her scarf) and Jean gets omelette rice. There’s also the pork butatama okonomiyaki that’s meant to symbolize Wall Maria.

People who buy one of these meals get a free file of the characters. But instead of brandishing weapons, they have okonomiyaki spatulas!


Source: grape


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