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Japanese Artist’s Dioramas Look Like Anime


Artistic otaku can use social media to show off their creations, from dioramas to officially approved fan art. Just take a look at Twitter user annkoromoti (@ufjmFR0BF7t5Jq7) and this shared image of a Valkyrie from Macross:

It gives the initial impression of being an anime still, or perhaps some very well-done fan art. Take a look at it from a different angle and you can see it’s actually a plastic diorama:

Here are some looks at the Valkyrie all by itself:


This artisan of all things mecha, small and detailed also shared this close-up image:


This piece is a little older, but shares more of that mecha goodness:

annkoromoti’s Twitter bio describes them as “Gundam Macross and other robot plastic model production” and that they just share their finished products here. Can’t wait to see what models and dioramas they come out with next!


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