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Japan Cartoonists Association Puts Out Statement About Ukraine

The Japan Cartoonists Association might mostly concentrate on manga, but it’s put out a statement in reaction to Putin’s orders for Russia to invade Ukraine. The statement expressed a desire for the conflict to conclude quickly.

The Association said it was against war, and noted that many of the people who created what we now know as manga were impacted by World War II. So the Association argues that manga comes from “the prayers for a world for the children where war will never happen again.”

The Association also noted that it got a bunch of support from Ukrainian people after the Tōhoku earthquake in 2011. The earthquake in turn caused a tsunami, and the tsunami caused the nuclear disaster at Fukushima. Back then, Ukrainian artists helped out with designer Kenzo Takada’s “Okiagari-koboshi” charity project, and since then there’s been a cultural exchange going back and forth.

“It is a great joy to us that Japanese manga is loved in Ukraine, Russia, and around the world,” the statement said. “All of its readers are also inheritors of a prayer for peace.”

The chairman of the Association is Machiko Satonaka, who created Lady Ann. Some of its members include Tomorrow’s Joe creator Tetsuya Chiba and Hajime no Ippo creator Jyoji Morikawa.

This is not the only example of Japanese people in the otaku world wanting to help the situation. X Japan member YOSHIKI gave about $87,000 to the Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Emergency Assistance Fund, saying, “I have amazing fans and friends in both Ukraine and Russia and was heartbroken to hear about this situation. The least I can do is contribute something to help those displaced or injured. I’m praying for everyone’s safety.” The organization he gave to is Japanese, but if you’re interested yet don’t read Japanese, there are other reputable organizations helping.

Voice actress Megumi Ogata also spoke up for Russians who are protesting Putin’s move, despite danger to themselves. “I deeply respect everyone who is taking action in a country where it is difficult to speak up. I dearly hope you are safe.”

Paramount has also chosen not to release Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in Russia at this time.

Source: ANN


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