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Isekai Genre Gets Its Own Online Manga Magazine

Isekai Genre Gets Its Own Online Manga MagazineIsekai, the genre in which folks travel to parallel worlds, is all the rage these days. So it makes sense that a new online manga magazine, launching next month, is entirely devoted to isekai.

The online magazine is called Young King Lambda, and it’s going online May 25, with a preview April 25.

The first issue will feature the following new manga:

Writer: Yu Fujiyama (Final Fantasy XIV: Kimi no Kizu to Bokura no Kizuna)
Artist: Shizuku Ichigono (Strawberry Tril)

Jokeiji to Hannin no Otomege Tensei ~Mokushо̄ wa Kо̄ryoku Taishо̄ no Naka~
(Reincarnated in a Female Detective/Perp Otome Game ~Objective: Capture the Target~)
Writer/artist: Ichi Sayo (Ensemble Stars! manga)

Young King Lambda will be published by Shonengahosha.

Let’s hope this isekai magazine, or at least some of the manga contained within, get an English release!

Source: ANN

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