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In Japan, New Tech Helps You Do Karaoke With A Mask On

karaokeCOVID-19 has made people around the world temporarily give up a lot of fun events. Like karaoke. The Japanese sensation that swept the world first got put on hiatus in Japan earlier this year because of its potential to spread the virus.

Karaoke is back open in Japan again, but masks are still required to keep people protected. Having a conversation with someone while wearing a mask can make you sound muffled enough, so what about singing? Well, the company Joysound has an idea.

They’ve created a new effect where mask wearers can actually sing karaoke clearly while wearing a mask. Technology is tied in with this, so you have to use a tablet at the karaoke joint to select the effect and get it working. A video gives an idea of how this sounds. In the first part, the singer is just singing regularly with his mask. Then there’s a brief black screen and when he comes back, the effect has been utilized, and you can hear the difference:

At first this was only available with Joysound businesses, but now it’s expanded to other Japanese karaoke companies as well. Perhaps professional singers during COVID-19 will catch on to this new gimmick as well?

Via SoraNews24

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