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How You Can Attend a Preview Day at Ghibli Park This October

Ghibli Park will have its big opening on November 1, but before then there will be a few free “preview days.” On these pre-selected October dates, a handful of lucky people will be able to get in early. And one of them could be you.

To make the winners of the preview days as unbiased as possible, they’re opting for a lottery system. The preview days of October 15 and 23, however, are only open for people who live in Aichi Prefecture, which is the prefecture where the park is located. Then, on the preview days of October 16 and 21, anyone can come, no matter where they live.

Ghibli Park is split up into different zones. And if you’re lucky enough to be one of the people to attend the preview day, you’ll only be able to enter one zone (unless you miraculously win for more). When the park actually opens, each zone will have its own ticket.

So if you want to get your name into the lottery system, you’ll need to do that by 11:59 PM July 15. If you want to try for Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse, go here. If you want to try for Hill of Youth, go here. If you want to try for Dondoko Forest, go here. Be aware that the webpages are all in Japanese.

And you’re not going to have to wait long to find out the results, since the lottery winners will be selected only a week later, on July 22.

Ghibli Park is coming thanks to Studio Ghibli, one of Japan’s most beloved animation studios. It’s behind such hit movies as Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Howl’s Moving Castle, Kiki’s Delivery Service and more. Ghibli Park is sure to be a tourist attraction that brings in people from around the world, and you may even get to see it early.

Source: SoraNews24


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