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Ghibli Park’s Valley of Witches Opening March 2024

Ghibli Park has been open since last year, but it doesn’t mean the park is finished. Parts are being added, and now it’s been confirmed that the Valley of Witches section will throw open its doors on March 16.

So what sort of stuff will people be able to find at Valley of Witches? The bakery from Kiki’s Delivery Service will be there, and, yes, it will be an actual restaurant where you can buy food. Kids between three and 12 years old will have the option of the merry-go-round (where you can sit on different Studio Ghibli creatures) or the Flying Machine carousel, which will spin you above the ground. People older than 12 aren’t able to go on these rides.

But that doesn’t mean that if you’re older than 12, there isn’t stuff to do there. There’s the opportunity to check out a replica of the Okino Home from Kiki’s Delivery Service, stroll down to see the Hatter’s Hat Shop from Howl’s Moving Castle, or get some magic in by going to Earwig and the Witch’s Witch’s House.

Tickets for Valley of Witches go on sale January 10, and keep in mind that Ghibli Park has been changing its prices around. You’ll need to get your tickets in advance, and different sections of the park require different tickets. Prices are also split between children and adults, with children costing less.

If someone doesn’t want to wait until March 16, there is a possibility of getting into Valley of Witches before that, though it will be very competitive. There will be preview days on March 6 and 10, shortly before the official opening, and you can try to get in those days through the Boo-Woo Ticket service by going to this site. The deadline is December 7. People who are able to get the preview passes will be told no later than December 15.

Source: SoraNews24


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