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How Gundam Is Helping Protect the Planet in Real Life

live-action gundam

The Gundam franchise isn’t only interested in making more life-size Gundam, though that is something on their agenda. The franchise’s owner, Bandai Namco Group, is also interested in protecting the planet and helping with sustainability efforts with their new “Gundam Universal Century Development Action.”

Their starting project in this arena has been the “Gunpla Recycle Project,” which is all about recycling Gundam plastic models. Their next step is the “Gundam Open Innovation” plan, which is dedicated to technology that can help with sustainability. They’re going to hold a talk about this next month, and we’re supposed to get more information soon.

Bandai Namco Group has stated its goals around these projects: it first wants to get a 35% reduction of carbon emissions in the next nine years. But the ultimate goal is to have net zero emissions by the time 2050 rolls around.

And while they’re busy helping the planet, maybe they’ll make a few more life-sized Gundam robots.

Source: ANN


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