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Have a Chill Halloween with These Friendly Anime Monsters

Need a less spooky Halloween? These monsters are super friendly!

Halloween may be a time for thrills and chills, but some of us have had a tough year. It’s understandable that, rather than tricks, we’d rather have treats. And rather than scares, we’d rather have friendship. Fortunately, we’ve found some anime where the monsters are all for that.

Check out these three series where the monsters are cuter, or at least less, scary, than their more haunted counterparts. Who would you like to spend the spookiest day of the year with?


The Vampire Dies in No Time

The Vampire Dies in No Time

Vampires are a Halloween mainstay, but Draluc appears to be an exception to that rule. The co-star of The Vampire Dies in No Time… well, dies in no time. This show sort of does what it says on the tin. He’s roommates with Ronaldo, a vampire hunter, and handles the cooking and cleaning.

Draluc is actually a pretty chill dude who just wants to live his un-life and play video games. But when he gets on Ronaldo’s nerves, the hunter does what hunters do and kills him. Fortunately for Draluc, he can come back to life as needed. He’s not just unthreatening; he sounds pretty okay to have around in general.


How to Keep a Mummy

How to Keep a Mummy

Quick, think of the cutest pet you can. Is the answer “mummy“? Almost certainly not. But in How to Keep a Mummy, protagonist Sora finds himself caring for the most adorable little wrapped corpse you’ve ever seen. The mummy, Mii-kun, is a mysterious but precious little baby who just wants to be loved—on Halloween and every day.

And Mii-kun isn’t even the only strange beastie in the show! As the series goes on, more unusual pets arrive. Sora’s friends find themselves caring for an oni, a dragon, and a baku, all of similar cuteness. Just look at that little… uh… face? How can you say no to that… face?


Digimon Ghost Game

Digimon Ghost Game

The latest installment in the Digimon franchise is perfect for Halloween. The theme is ghosts, after all! And okay, a lot of the ‘mons in this are actually pretty freaky. They’ve managed to make even returning beasties rather eerie in this setting.

But, as with other Digimon series, much of the appeal is that some of the monsters are on the heroes’ side. No matter how top-tier the lead Digimon get, you know they’re still your friends. Something about that really puts us at ease, especially in such a haunted show.

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Kara Dennison

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