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Hajimete no Gal Anime Announced

Meguru Ueno’s Hajimete no Gal (First-Time Gal) is a high school romantic comedy that’s been running in Kadokawa’s Monthly Shonen Ace for just about a year. It’s already going to make the transition to anime, though, and an official website for the TV adaptation is now open.

The story follows Junichi “Jun” Hashiba, an uncool student who is constantly concerned with losing his virginity. Things take a turn toward the positive when his friends convince him to confess his love to classmate Yukana Yame, who surprisingly says yes. Once they go out, however, Jun realizes he now has to somehow deal with a much trendier and cooler gal than he can handle. 

Here are the covers of the two volumes that are out in Japan thus far: 

Source: Comic Natalie via Anime News Network