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Grab a Burger and Fries, Some Astro Boy Toys

Happy Meals are named as such for good reason: they have toys inside! If that isn’t cause enough for extreme happiness, I don’t know what is, and McDonald’s is making sure those looking forward to this Friday’s US theatrical opening of Astro Boy will be just that with a line of toys just in time for the flick.

The complete set includes Astro Boy Launcher, Trashcan, Astro Boy Puncher, Peacekeeper, Astro Boy Flying, and Zog. Think of David Bowers and the folks at IMAGI while struggling to scarf down the last burger it takes to catch ’em all. After all, aren’t you just cheating yourself if you buy the toys from behind the counter separately? Here’s the full lineup:

Check out an interactive preview of the toys over at McD’s Happy Meal page here, and start thinking of creative ways not to be embarrassed when buying said meals over and over and over again.

Source [Astro Boy World via ANN]

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