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Watch Joe the Condor Whup Up on Chun-Li and Morrigan

To be fair to both sides, he gets beat up pretty badly himself, but this video mostly exists to showcase the tough-as-nails moves of Capcom’s last announced Tatsunoko vs. Capcom character, Joe the Condor, of Gatchaman fame. He makes this look easy, especially when his partner Jun the Swan leaps in for some team attack action.

I’ve seen Chun-Li get up from some brutal attacks, but what Joe does to her in this clip is just plain wrong, I tell ya. Follow that up with an insane finisher and you’ve got yet another reason to get psyched for the Wii fighter’s impending release. Peep the video below, and take discussion to our handy forums should you be feeling particular invigorated.

Source [Gametrailers via Kotaku]