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Golgo 13 Gets Spinoff on Shogakukan’s Manga ONE App

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The Golgo 13 manga series, which began publication in 1968 and is still going, is receiving a manga spinoff on Shogakukan’s Manga ONE app. The manga series Dangerous Jii-san is also getting a spinoff on the app.

The Golgo spinoff manga will be called Golgo Camp and be done by Yukio Miyama as opposed to original creator Takao Saito. In it, sniper protagonist Duke Togo will be at a campsite, and the spinoff will make its debut later this month, on August 28.

This is not the first time the long-lasting series has gotten a spinoff, though the previous spinoff, Gunsmith Dave, just came out last month. It was published by Big Comic Zōkan magazine.

The original series’ 201st manga volume was also shipped last month, and this number earned it a place in the Guinness World Records, receiving the honor for “most volumes published for a single manga series.”

VIZ has published thirteen volumes of it, so while it is available in America at a limited capacity, it doesn’t really give the scope of how big Golgo 13 is in Japan. The manga has even been used by the Japanese government for everything from getting people vaccinated against COVID to protecting Japanese people abroad from terrorism.

The Dangerous Jii-san spinoff, meanwhile, will be called Dangerous Riiman and done by Kazutoshi Soyama, the original creator. While the original series is a gag manga aimed at kids, the spinoff will be more for adults and will be about the main character’s life as a salaryman. It will premiere shortly before the Golgo 13 spinoff, on August 26.

Are you interested in seeing some of your favorite manga series getting spinoffs? Do you think we’re going to be seeing a lot more examples of this? And if you want to see manga spinoffs, which ones would you pick?

Source: ANN


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