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Golden Kamuy Author’s Dogsred Ice Hockey Manga Makes English Debut


Following up on the Japanese debut earlier this year, the latest manga from Golden Kamuy author Satoru Noda is about to launch in English. Dogsred is an ice hockey manga that kicked off in Weekly Young Jump magazine in July, and now the English Weekly Shonen Jump is getting ready to add it this Wednesday.

Prior to its debut in Japan, Weekly Young Jump teased that Noda planned to relaunch his previous ice hockey manga, Supinamarada!. That series followed Olympic hopeful ice skater Ro Shirakawa, whose dreams are dashed after a sudden death in the family. It’s then that he meets a pair of hockey players known as the Genma brothers who introduce him to the sport. 

The English Jump provided a succinct tease for the Dogsred story:

A middle school figure skating prodigy takes his talents across the ice and enters the ferocious world of hockey! 

Source: Shonen Jump