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GIRLS BAND CRY Anime Project Jams in New Music Video

girls band cry

Another entry in the series of music videos for Toei Animation’s original anime project GIRLS BAND CRY is here! This one is for the fifth song by five-member girls band Togenashi Togeari, “BLEEDING HEARTS,” and you can see the CG-animated performance below.

The next video is scheduled to hit on September 25, followed by the third CD single—this time for “BLEEDING HEARTS”—on October 25.

The cast includes talent like RINA, Yuri, Mirei, Natsu and Syuri. The in-series name of the band is Togenashi Togeari.

Here’s the official description of the anime:

In her second year of high school, the protagonist drops out of school and goes off on her own to Tokyo to pursue college.
A girl who is betrayed by her friends and does not know what to do.
A girl who was abandoned by her parents and is now working part-time to survive in the big city.
This world always betrays us.
Nothing is as it seems.
But we want to love something.
Because we believe there is a place for us somewhere.
That’s why we sing.

Via Crunchyroll News