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Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 Teaser Visual Revealed

girlfriend, girlfriend

A second season was recently revealed for the Girlfriend, Girlfriend anime, based on the manga by Hiroyuki, and now we have a new visual to go along with it. The latest teaser has all the girls lined up—including Rika, Nagisa, Saki and Shino—to declare that season 2 is officially in the works. 

You can check out the visual above, and stay tuned for more info on when to expect the next season.

The first season of the Girlfriend, Girlfriend anime was directed by Satoshi Kuwabara (The Quintessential Quintuplets), with Keiichiro Ochi on series composition and Akiko Toyoda handling character designs at Tezuka Productions. Crunchyroll streamed the series as it aired and describes it below:

The protagonist, Naoya, is a first-year in high school. He asks out Saki, a girl he has been in love with, and she agrees to be his girlfriend. He’s currently on cloud nine.

But then, a beautiful girl named Nagisa comes up to Naoya one day and tells him that she wants to go out with him. Naoya feels himself wavering because Nagisa is such a good girl, and he comes to a decision! A new kind of romcom from a rather unexpected decision is about to begin!

Source: Official Twitter