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Check Out the New Trailer for Girlfriend, Girlfriend

The anime adaptation of Girlfriend, Girlfriend debuts in Japan early next month. A trailer for it lets us hear the opening theme song “Fuzaketenai ze” (translated as “I’m Not Joking”) by Necry Talkie. The ending theme song will be called “Pinky Hook” by Momo Asakura, but we don’t get to hear it in the trailer.

Kodansha publishes the manga in the digital format, and it gave this description of the story:

“Naoya just got a girlfriend, the gorgeous Saki-chan, and though their intensities often pit them against each other like ice and fire, they’re totally, uncontrollably in love with each other. He vows never to cheat…when out of the blue he receives another confession! Nagisa’s cute, sweet, and she’s made him lunch to boot! He knows he can’t cheat, but he can’t let a cutie like this get away…so he does the logical(?) thing: Asks Saki for permission to date them both! The confidence! The arrogance! The very gall! No matter the outcome, Naoya’s future will be lively!”

Source: ANN


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