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Getter Robo Arc Previews Its Hot-Blooded JAM Project OP Theme

getter robo arc

One of the series on the way this month is Getter Robo Arc, which adapts the final installment of Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa’s Getter Robo manga series. Naturally, it takes the power of a group like JAM Project to create a theme song hot-blooded enough for this anime, and the band’s OP theme “Bloodlines ~Unmei no Kettou (The Fatal Bloodline)~” is on display in the latest preview.

JAM Project’s first anime theme work in two years will be available as their 71st single when it launches in Japan on July 14. Check out the opening movie ahead of the anime’s premiere below.

TV spot for the single:

Anime promo from May:

Getter Robo Arc hits the airwaves in Japan on July 4, with Jun Kawagoe directing once again.

Source: Official website